1. After logging into your GMC account, go to Threat Lists > IPv4.  There you will find your currently subscribed and integrated threat feeds.  To add your Anomali feed click on New Threat List in the upper right corner above the current feeds.

2. Next, you will give the feed a name and description.  For Interval please put in an appropriate number.  This will determine how often the feed is pulled and updated from the source.  Next, from the dropdown select the Anomali IPv4 Plugin.  Then click Save & Configure to proceed to the next screen.

3. Lastly, on the configuration screen input your User Name and API Key.  Below this you will see a Confidence Level with a default value of 70.  Leaving this at 70 will pull the entire feed, while increasing this value all the way to a max of 100 will pull fewer and fewer of the lower scored IP addresses from the list.  Below this are all the categories that can be pulled from the feed.  Select all that you would like to have included in the periodic pulls of the data.  Click Save to complete the setup process.  The system will now pull your Anomali feed and include it with the other listed threat feeds, such as Webroot.  To manage the use of this data go to your Policies and use the Risk Thresholds screen.