1. First, connect a monitor and keyboard to the back of the PoliWall unit via the VGA and usb ports.

    *note: If you have a B or older model E series PoliWall, you will need to connect via the serial port.  Please refer to our document on how to connect to serial if so.

  2. On screen you should now see a login prompt.  The default username is security_admin and the default password is admin.

Console - Logging In

  1. Next you will want to press 1 and then enter to start maintenance mode. Confirm by typing yes, and then wait while the PoliWall enters into the mode.

    *note: Entering maintenance mode will temporarily disable the filtering bridging pair and then set them in bypass.  As this can briefly interrupt your network, be careful doing this if the unit is still in-line in the network.

  2. From the new menu you will have the option to 1. Reset admin account, or 2. Reset administration interface.  Resetting the admin account will return the username to ‘admin’ and the password to ‘admin’.  Resetting the administration interface will return the IP address to  Make the selection you want by inputting the corresponding number, and then pressing enter.  Confirm your selection by typing in yes if needed.

    Selecting option 
    3. Reset configuration will return the PoliWall to its factory presets including setting the administration console back to its default IP address of This option really should never be needed, except in special cases.

                                                                                    Maintenance Mode - Main Menu

      5. Once you are finished, the PoliWall will need to be rebooted, so press 5 to select reboot from the menu, confirm with yes, and allow the unit to reboot.

Support Information

  If you are not finding the information you need in this how-to or simply have a question that you would like answered directly, we are more than happy to assist.  You can send us an email with your enquiry or feel free to give our support line a call at any time.  Lastly, we always have an open ear to suggestions and feedback, so feel free to use the channels below to share your thoughts about our products or services.