1. First, connect the serial cord that came with your PoliWall to the serial port on the back of the PoliWall. Then, connect the other end to a terminal or laptop computer.

  2. Once the connection is made you can determine the COM port on Windows by going to Device Manager and looking for “Ports (COM)”.  Double click this entry to have the list of available ports show.  You should see the PoliWall connection listed with “COM#” next to it. Remember the number it is given such as COM1 or COM3 as you will use this in the following steps.

  3. Next, you will need to open a serial console on your computer such as PuTTY in Windows.  Select “Serial” as the connection type, then input the COM number in for the Serial line, ie. COM2, COM3, etc. For the speed, or baud rate, put in 38400. Then click “Open” to start the serial connection. NOTE: If you are having connection problems, you may need to configure the serial line settings under Connection > Serial.  Set the data bits to 8, the stop bits to 1, Parity should equal None, and Flow Control should be XON/XOFF.


  1. In the new serial window that appears press enter if nothing is displayed and then you will be prompted to log in.  The default username is security_admin and the default password is admin.