PoliWall 3.71

We're excited to announce the release of a new version of PoliWall firmware and a new version of our Bandura Global Management Center (GMC), formerly called BanduraONE. In addition to typical performance enhancements and bug fixes, this new firmware release enables you to take advantage of some cool new capabilities and integrate with the new version of GMC. Here's a quick look at the new capabilities:

  • Auto Whitelisting of IP Addresses for Whitelisted Domain Names - A feature request we've received from several customers, our auto whitelisting feature lets you input a domain name (i.e. akamai.com) and PoliWall automatically pulls and updates the IPs associated with that domain. This is another example of how PoliWall leverages automation to reduce manual workload for security staff.
  • User Added Threat Feeds & Blacklist Feeds via Bandura GMC - Through GMC, users can directly add supported threat feeds and blacklists to PoliWall deployments. Our PoliWall solution is an open platform that can easily integrate additional threat intelligence sources via a plug-in architecture and through support for standards like STIX/TAXII. Once Bandura develops a threat feed integration this integration is available for all customers (license fee for some threat feeds may be required). New integrations available include Anomali ThreatStream and InfoBlox ActiveTrust. Have a threat intelligence source you would like us to integrate with? Let us know!
  • On-Prem Deployment for GMC - We know some customers still have security issues with respect to the cloud. To address this, we now offer an on-premises deployment option for GMC.
  • Support for Basic Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - GMC now supports basic 2FA authentication via Google Authenticator, Authy, and other OTP (one time password) applications.

Please contact support when you are ready to update to 3.71

Phone: 1-855-765-4925

Email: support@bandurasystems.com

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